July 15, 2024
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Likuliku Lagoon Resort Iguana sanctuary

Ahura Resort Iguana Sanctuary welcome new arrivals

AHURA Resorts Iguana Sanctuary is delighted to welcome more new arrivals of the critically endangered Fijian Crested Iguana.

Group Environment manager Sia Rasalato said two of Likuliku’s captive females laid approximately four to six eggs each back in January three eggs from one of the females hatched on August 30, but unfortunately one did not make it because it was very weak.

Location of the Likuliku Lagoon Resort

“Following this, another egg hatched from the second female a few days later and we are expecting more eggs to hatch within the next couple of weeks. Then all these new hatchlings will be closely monitored before they are tagged and released into the wild,” Ms Rasalato said.

Ahura Resorts group general manager Steve Anstey said the resort fully recognised the importance of sustainable tourism and believed that development in such areas carried both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure our environment was not degraded though irresponsible activities and practices.

“Our aim is to not only minimise our footprint and impact on the extraordinary nature that surrounds us but also, through a range of activities, programs and initiatives, improve and enhance the environment for imperilled species for future generations,” Ms Anstey said.

He said those new captive-bred hatchlings brought the total to five born in the last year in what was the only facility of its kind in the world to successfully breed this species under “natural” conditions.

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Likuliku Lagoon Resort Video

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