June 22, 2024
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Fiji Books

Preparing for your visit to the Fiji Islands? Try reading some Fiji books.

Like the boy scouts or your parents drummed into your head, it’s always good to be prepared. Your stepping into a brave old world, a different culture with a slightly nuanced set of rules. The more you know about where you’re going chances are, the better your trip will be.

As one sage said, “there is a simple pleasure in reading about a destination before, during or after your visit.”

Suva A History and Guide--A Fiji Book you'll want to read
A great introduction to Fiji’s Capital

It doesn’t hurt to engage with authors who have spent time in Fiji and can offer some insight. Not only does it make a whole lot of sense to at least be conversant with Fiji History but you’ll also want to know the basics of their language.

Of course, English is the lingua franca of Fiji but a simple greeting such as “Yadra Vinaka” (Good Morning) and other basic words and phrases can work wonders if you want to get to know the inhabitants.

There’s some other basics such as understanding origins of the Fijian People. Sure, they are various tones of brown and black and many bear striking resemblance to African Americans. You might assume that Fijians originated in Africa. But you’d be wrong. A wise traveler will want to read up on this.

We have compiled a number of books for you to consider. First and foremost would be On Fiji Islands, by Ron Wright. The other book would be Suva, A History and Guide. Admittedly it’s a biased suggestion because Rob Kay, the originator of this website is the co-author.

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