May 24, 2024
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Rental Cars

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Fiji Car Rentals

There around 10 car rental agencies in Fiji and every major hotel has a rental desk.

Generally the ‘name brand’ companies are much better at keeping their vehicles in good shape than the “mom and pop” agencies. They are more expensive, but you are assured of getting a late model car that has been looked after. If in doubt, give the car a spin around the lot.

Rates among Fiji car rentals vary a bit, but on the average, expect to pay around US$350 per week for unlimited travel in a budget car with automatic transmission with a name brand firm if you organize your rental online.  You’ll pay more on the spot. Thus figure at the minimum US$50 per day excluding tax. If you’re just renting for a few days the same car can cost an extra 40-50% per day. Typically, you’ll need to pay a deposit by credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, you’ll need to leave a cash bond.

Insurance is obligatory and a good idea to boot - Car Rental
Insurance is obligatory and a good idea to boot.

Third-party insurance is obligatory. Some agencies include it in their daily rates whereas others tally it on at the end. Figure on another $30 at least. It’s suggested that you get personal liability insurance if you are not already covered. (Renters are liable for the first $500 damage).

Note that some firms do not allow their cars to be driven on unpaved roads, thus taking your vehicle to a place such as the Nausori Highlands is off limits. Likewise, you should determine if the agency permits taking the vehicles on roll-on, roll-off ferries to Vanua Levu, Taveuni or Ovalau, if that’s on your agenda. Taking a car on to Vanua Levu or Taveuni is best done with a 4WD vehicle, particularly if you’re planning to get off the beaten track.

The minimum-age requirement is 21, or in some cases 25.

The good news is that the roads are generally better than what I encountered years ago but this is still not Switzerland. Happy trails and watch out for those potholes.
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