June 22, 2024
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New Walking Tour of Suva by Peter Sipeli

Guided Walks–a walking tour of Suva, is a new endeavor created by Fijian Poet, Peter Sipeli.

He created it with a strong belief that Fiji needed to provide more depth and knowledge about its contemporary spaces and culture as opposed to traditional Fiji Tourism which is too often focused on sun, sea and sand.

Suva is a city he grew up in and is passionate about. Guided Walks is a two and half hour walk through the city, with 14 landmark stops. The concept of Guided Walks is to not only look at what Peter calls “history of place” but to embed it with his having lived what he calls “Suva – Fijian realities”.

Peter says it’s a “decolonized approach to seeing a city space”.

What does “decolonized approach” mean exactly?

Peter (at back) with guests on walking tour

He told me that he wishes to “reflect on the effects of colonial empire to the modern Fijian experience.” Says Peter, “I use this same approach, to tell our story that includes indigenous and other racial minorities histories and experience.”

He also weaves social, cultural and economic factors that have contributed to the city’s development into personal narratives, stories and insights. In doing so, Peter doesn’t shy from the realities of modern Fijian life and says his city “has changed due to political upheavals.”

His mission is to offer some insight into how locals truly live, how Fijians navigate the city, how the city has changed (due to local and geopolitics) and shifting climatic conditions. 

Albert Park, one of the highlights of Peter Sipeli’s Walking Tour

Peter is also developing a kids package that will be available shortly. He’s also creating a Levuka day trip and visits to Naililili in Rewa, one of the oldest churches in Fiji.

Price per person for Guided Walks is $40.

You can visit his Facebook page to book a tour or email guidedwalksfiji@gmail.com or find him on WhatsApp — 679 789 2918. 



Peter Sipeli has more than two decades of expertise in using and managing advocacy through artistic  expression. He is an Arts Manager, and supporter of the Spokenword arts movement in Fiji. Peter founded ‘The Poetry Shop, Fiji’ six years ago and facilitates regular poetry events in Suva and poetry circle discussions with new and emerging Fijian writers.

Peter Sipeli. creator of Guided Walks in Suva

He works as a gay activist using storytelling as advocacy. Peter founded the online arts magazine ARTtalk, Fiji that in 2017 ran 10 issues showing arts in Fiji and ac

Rob Kay

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner Rob Kay wrote the original Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide, and is Founder of Fijiguide.com.

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