April 20, 2024
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Nakama Hot Springs in Savusavu among the best of Fiji activities
You won’t want to miss a visit to Nakama Hot Springs in Savusavu.

Tours & Activities in Fiji

There’s no shortage of Fiji activities to consider.

For starters, Fiji is blessed with clear blue lagoons, pristine rivers and mountains covered with verdant rain forests.

Though development has come to some areas, for the most part the landscape in many areas has not appreciably changed. In short, the environment is an ideal setting for outdoor activities in Fiji for enthusiasts. Fiji’s tranquil lagoons and varied coastline have become extremely popular with divers, snorkelers, surfers and as a place to safely kayak.

Fiji’s natural history is breathtaking.

It’s really a wonderful thing to get away from the population centers of Nadi and Suva. Not too far from the Nadi airport, for example are the Nausori Highlands. You can get there via the ‘Nadi Back Rd’ which branches off the Queens Road, about three km south of Nadi Airport. There’s wonderful hikes in the Abaca area which is a national park.

To get to the Nausori Highlands road, you will want to take the Queens Rd as far as Nawaka and turn inland. If uncertain, ask a police officer – chances are other people will shrug their heads. Give yourself a  day for this trip and be sure and pack a picnic lunch. If you don’t have a car, check the hotel and see if there’s a tour.

The larger islands have also become an obligatory stop for birders and newly created national parks have opened up a great deal of land to trekkers. However one not need be a naturalist to appreciate this island nation’s great outdoors. Golf, tennis and boating are quite popular both with locals and visitors as well.

Start planning now.

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