June 22, 2024
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Fiji Islands FAQs

Are you a first time visitor to Fiji? Drill down to the nitty gritty with Fiji Islands FAQs.

What’s Fiji’s population?

About 910,000 (Sept 2022 est.). The majority are indigenous Fijians.

What about the weather?

Bring your shorts. It’s tropical and can be very humid in the summer (November-February).

Are there lots of bugs?

There’s plenty of mosquitos and some centipedes here and there but nothing that will kill you. (Bring some mosquito repellent).

Are the people friendly?
Very friendly.

How much will I have to spend per day for accommodations?

US$50 on up.

Fiji Islands FAQs: Over the last decade the cuisine has really improved
The food has really improved over the years.  An offering from Gaiatree on Taveuni. (courtesy Jean-Baptiste Bieuville)

What about the quality of food?

The good news is that quality of food has really improved over the past decade. Farm to table is in and the seafood is first class. In short, there’s some excellent fine dining and plenty local fare, such as curry shops that are well worth investigating.

What’s minimum the cost of a meal at a local eatery?
US$8 on up.

How much is a beer at a local bar?
About US$3.00.

How do you get around the countryside?
Local buses are good cheap transportation and taxis are fairly inexpensive.

Fiji Islands food FAQs: farm to table is a big deal in Fiji
Farm to table has really gotten traction in Fiji. This farm in Vanua Levu belongs to a hotel that grows vegetables for its guests. (Rob Kay)

What language do the locals speak?
English is the lingua franca. Learning a few words of the Fijian Language, however, will go a long way.

What’s the best time of the year to go?
Christmas is the most fun but it’s the rainy season. Lots of parties and plenty of beer is consumed. If weather is an issue, it’s coolest and driest from May through September.

Is there trekking?
Yes, the Fiji Islands has several national park-type facilities and other areas where you can hike and camp. Check out seven reasons why trekking is great in Fiji.

What about picking up my tent and living off the land?
Don’t even think about it, unless invited to a Fijian Village. All the land is either communally owned or government land.

How much does it cost for a two tank dive in Fiji?
Figure on US$90 for a two-tank dive.

And for a PADI Diver course?

Around US$350.

Typical scenery in the Sabeto mountains of Viti Levu
Trekking in Fiji is excellent.  (Stefan Cabaniuk)

What about freediving?

Yes, some great freediving.

What about health care?
Basic medical care is OK. I wouldn’t go there for open-heart surgery.

Healthwise, is there anything I should be aware of?

The sun is quite intense. Bring along sunblock. Be certain to treat any cuts or abrasions with care. It’s easy to get infections in an environment that your body is not used to.

Why is approximately half the population of Indian extraction?
The Indians came to Fiji as indentured laborers in the late 19th century to cut cane and stayed.

Were the indigenous Fijians cannibals?
Yes indeed. You can read about Fiji’s cannibal past if  you care to.

When did this practice cease?
When the Fijians became Christians in the 19th century.

What religions are practiced here?
The majority of the Fijians are Methodists and other Protestant denominations but there are many Catholics as well. Most of the Indians are Hindus and less than a third are Muslims. Read about Fiji’s religious and cultural roots here.

Fijian woman in Lautoka
Fijians are a friendly lot. (Rob Kay)

What is the average daily wage?
It ranges anywhere from F$20 – 40 per day.

Is Fiji safe? Is there a problem with crime at all?
Violent crime against visitors is very rare. There is quite a bit of petty theft in the urban areas. Suva is like any other large metropolitan area at night.Use common sense with dealing with cash and valuables.

What about women travelling alone?
No problem if you use common sense.

Are the Fiji Islands politically stable? 
Fiji has had it’s share of political problems but there’s never been a threat to visitors. It’s now a democracy.

Can I drink Fiji water?
The local water is generally good at hotels and in cities, but be careful in villages. Bottled water is available.

Opium Bar Suva
Nightlife is pretty hot in Suva. This shot is from the Opium Bar. (courtesy Opium Bar)

What about kava? Should I drink it if it’s offered to me?
Yes, and by the way it’s customary to drink it in one swallow. It won’t kill you and you’ll also be showing respect to your hosts. Read about Kava Drinking in Fiji here.

What about the nightlife?
OMG you came to the right place. Fijians love a good time and if you’re single Suva has a great club scene. You’ll find companionship if that’s what your goal is. If you’re bringing your significant other, there’s no more romantic place on earth.

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