July 15, 2024
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Suva: A History & Guide

Suva a history and guide will help you understand its "spirit of place"
Suva A History and Guide, the only guidebook devoted exclusively to Fiji’s capital city

Suva, the cultural, governmental, and business capital will be at your feet with the update of Suva A History and Guide, the only guidebook devoted exclusively to Fiji’s capital city.

The book is available on Amazon both as an e-book and a print on demand paperback.

With the new version of Suva, A History and Guide authors Albert Schutz (creator of Say it in Fijian) and Rob Kay (author of Fiji’s Lonely Planet guide) coverage has expanded to include restaurants, cafes, and Suva’s flourishing cultural and nightlife scenes.

At its core is a walking tour that is obligatory for every vulagi (visitor) – whether a day tripper or a cruise ship passenger. With detailed descriptions that will bring sight-seers into the heart of Suva life, the rour begins at the Municipal Market.

As you wend your way through central Suva, you’ll visit The Regal Theater, an art deco treasure; St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest buildings in Fiji; and the Fiji Museum, which has relics from the legendary HMS Bounty; the venerable Grand Pacific Hotel, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited; and many other landmarks.

The last stop is the “Bat Trees”, on the other side of town, where you’ll see a gaggle of noisy, flying foxes, a few steps from the gate of the Presidential Palace.

Suva's heritage buildings, such as Gokals Building featured in Suva, a History and Guide.
Suva’s heritage buildings, such as Gokals Building, picture above are featured on the walking tour.

The local entertainment and arts scene is included in the guide.

With bars, nightclubs, modern dance, live music,  art exhibitions regularly offered, Suva offers visitors a rich cultural tapestry and the hottest nightlife in the South Pacific. 

Also featured is a comprehensive history of Suva, highlighting the famous and not so famous personalities that made Suva the hub of the South Pacific. The original author Albert Schutz,  Professor Schütz cleverly does so by employing street names as a vehicle to engage the reader.

The book is packed with photos, maps and anecdotes that bring life to the city’s storied past. 

On your visit to Fiji’s capital Suva, A History and Guide will help connect you to its spirit of place and it’s people.


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