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Fiji Surf Resorts

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Fiji Surf Resorts– Something for everyone

The best way to enjoy surfing in Fiji is to stay at a dedicated surf resort and explore the breaks in the neighborhood.

Fiji has accommodation options suitable to all travelers. Some of the more remote properties can be accessed by seaplanes or boats. Fiji Surfing Association can offer further assistance to surfers who are new to the place, they organize local surfing events along with domestic and international competitions. So, if you are looking for new and exciting surfing challenges, Fiji should be on your agenda.

Check out our choice of Fiji Surf Resorts below.

Matanivusi Surf Resort

Grand Suite at Matanivusi Surf Resort
Grand Suite – Courtesy Matanivusi Surf Resort

Matanivusi was one of the most delightful properties I’ve stayed in a long time.  It’s a family surf resort without the overabundance of guys.  Unlike a pure surf destination, spouses, teenagers, grade school kids and even children are welcomed here.

Surfing is the main attraction here. Breaks, which are pretty much right offshore, are accessible year round. They include Shifties (right hander), J’s (right hander); and Pipe (left hander).

In addition to surfing, there are a variety of activities and excursions such as hikes to a nearby waterfall or even visits to the nearby capital of Suva. At the nearby village you can visit a kindergarten or do a “plantation walk” where locals will explain the use of medicinal plants and show how local crops are grown.

Dining is family style and food was healthy and tasty. Whenever possible locally grown produce such as avocados, breadfruit, taro, bananas and papaya are served. Locally caught fresh fish is also on the menu.  Breakfast fare includes locally grown fruit with eggs cooked any way you want it.

Accommodations are cool, breezy and can handle up to three people in a bungalow if you bring in an extra bed for children.


Interior View of the Bedroom Suite - Fiji Surf Resorts
Interior View of the Bedroom Suite – Courtesy of Tavarua

Talk about a brand name. Tavarua has become synonymous with surfing in Fiji the way Xerox is equated with photocopying.

Located on the southern end of the Mamanuca Island chain, approximately 15 miles southwest of Nadi, the tiny, heart shaped island makes up about 24 acres. Like Namotu, it exists as a resort for one reason–its proximity to some of the finest breaks in the South Pacific, or for that matter, the entire world.

If the surfing gods had planned to make an island more perfectly suited to riding waves, they couldn’t have planned Tavarua better. It’s position, south by southwest, makes it perfectly aligned to receive swells, consistently generated from the stormy Southern Ocean. By the time they make their way north, they are glassy waves breaking on reefs such as Cloudbreak, Restaurants or Tavarua Rights.

Perhaps the best way to characterize Tavarua is as the ultimate surf camp. It can comfortably accommodate 36 guests in 16 private bures. The bures are small but comfortable.. All are made with local materials such as hardwoods and pandanus and are decorated with Fijian art and surf photos. Each unit is air conditioned with two Queen Beds, a day bed, louvered windows, ceiling fans, mini-bar, and a large beach side deck.

For families or larger the resort offers two air-conditioned “Sunrise” units which have two bedrooms which accommodate four adults. The Sunrise bures have two Queen beds and two sleeper-couches, private verandahs and a mini-bar.

The resort serves three meals a day, plus Happy Hour, which begins at 4 PM. Guests can sample pupu platters served poolside and on the deck. Reports are that the food was “plentiful and quite good especially considering it was being served en masse.” Kind of a left hand compliment but good just the same. I didn’t speak to anyone who had anything but good things to say. Reports on Trip Advisor have also been consistently good.  In addition to surfing, Tavarua offers surf, kite, sailboard, dive, snorkel or SUP.

Plantation Island Resort

Aerial of of the Resort Courtesy of Plantation Island Resort - Fiji Surf Resorts
Aerial of the Resort Courtesy of Plantation Island Resort

Plantation Island Resort is located on the southwest side of Malolololailai, in the Mamanuca Group, ten miles offshore from Nadi Airport. The property sits on 23 acres of tropical landscaped garden and a beautiful, sheltered lagoon.

This is not a “real” surf resort but it’s located as close as any property to a number of breaks including Malolo Reef, home to “Cloudbreak” and “Restaurants”. They have boats that will get you where you want to go.

The property has over 142 rooms – 41 of which are air-condtioned in a two-story structure and 101 individual or duplex.  Rooms have a fridge but no cooking facilities. It’s a family resort but also ideal for surfers on a budget who want to be near some of the best breaks in Fiji. When you’re not surfing, there’s 7 km of great beaches and even a golf course on the island.

Uprising Beach Resort

Aerial View of the Thatched Beachfront Bures
Aerial View of the Thatched Beachfront Bures – Courtesy Uprising Beach Resort

Uprising Beach Resort located at Pacific Harbour, about an hour west of Suva. Same as Plantation, it’s not a “dedicated” surf resort but it’s close to Frigate’s Passage, a left-hander that breaks into open ocean at the fringe of Beqa Lagoon. There are prevailing offshore trades which create swells almost every single day of the year.

Accommodations range from deluxe to budget. Surfers won’t do better for an economic, clean place to stay.

The property has a dozen thatched beachfront bures. If you’ve got a big crew, up to four persons can be squeezed in some of the bungalows. All of the units have private bathrooms and secluded outdoor showers. For true budget travelers there also a 24-bed, elevated “tree house” dormitory. The dorm is spacious and they provide access to a personal locker and daily fresh linens. Continental breakfast is also included. The dorm is mixed, there are separate male and female toilets and showers. You can even camp if you bring your own tent. Uprising also has a swimming pool and beach bar. This is a good place for singles.

Namotu Island Resort

View of Namotu Island Resort from the Sea Plane
View of Namotu Island Resort from the Sea Plane – Courtesy of the Resort

Namotu is a tiny island that you can probably circumnavigate in 10 minutes. The advantage, of course to being on this tiny spit of land, is your proximity to seven (almost all of them) world class breaks. This includes:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Namotu Left
  • Wilkes Pass
  • Desperations
  • Cloudbreak
  • Restaurants
  • Tavarua Rights

It has three types of accommodations–three private bures, two larger “VIP” units, and the so called “Luv Shack”. All of the bures feature high ceilings, local hardwoods such as daku, air con and lots of louvered windows and glass to let in those cooling “cagi“–those delightful breezes.

Namotu also offers a posh house, aka “the Villa” which offers marble floors, a large living room, bar, and a private pool, which is ideal for family or a group of friends, willing to share a home. The house also can accommodate 2 other couples or 4 single men in the two bedrooms–one called the blue room and the other, the pink room. Both pink and blue rooms share one bathroom.

Namotu’s cooks reportedly specialize in both international and local cuisine.

Waidroka Bay Resort

Interior View of the Bedroom Suite at Waidroka Bay Resort
Interior View of the Bedroom – Courtesy of Waidroka Bay Resort

Waidroka is another option—it’s the name of a surf, dive, and fishing resort located west of Pacific Harbour, about two hours from Nadi’s international airport. Waidroka is the only resort on the main island that takes surfing guests to “Frigates”, “Pipe”, “Mata Point”, “Resorts Left”, “Serua Rights”, “Vunaniu Rights”, and “Black Rock”.  Most of these surfing sites are only a few minutes boat ride from the resort.  This resort does not cater to beginner surfers; there is no established surfing school. However, the resort does employ surfers who know well all the breaks and will gladly share their knowledge.

For diving guests, Waidroka dives well known sites in Beqa Lagoon as well as world famous Beqa shark dive. If guests are feeling adventurous, the will even explore new sites.  If you are  interested in learning to dive, Waidroka’s diving instructors can certify you for a survey dive or for any diving course you choose.

There are three types of accommodation at Waidroka, all somewhat similar. The differences in accommodation are closeness to shore, the size of the rooms, and the bathroom facilities. Prices are competitive and for the services received, a better value than most accommodations in the area.

The meals at Waidroka are exceptionally good.  And if you are a vegetarian, you are in for a special treat.  If you prefer not to buy the meal plan, entrees may be bought a la carte.

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