June 22, 2024
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Archive - September 2022

After 44 years, “Suva–A History and Guide” is in print again

My how time flies. Its taken over four decades, but the newest edition of Suva: A History and Guide is now for sale on Amazon–both as an eBook (on Amazon’s Kindle platform) and in paperback.. So what’s the story behind this book? And why did it take 44 years for a second edition to emerge? Suva: A History and Guide was first published in 1978 by my...

Savusavu unveils a national treasure in plain sight

With great fanfare, on August 2, 2022 the town of Savusavu “unveiled” its long simmering hot springs, national treasure, that until recently didn’t get much respect. I’m talking about the Nakama Hot Springs located in the center of Savusavu, which have been gurgling piping hot water and emitting steam for centuries. Until recently only a handful of villagers, who...

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