May 24, 2024
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Transportation in Fiji

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Getting Around Fiji

Fiji is served by a number of international flights, a network of internal air routes, and myriad of inter-island boats and ferries.

Visitors will find that this infrastructure makes travelling within the larger islands and around the archipelago relatively easy. In addition, transport is very reasonably priced, especially for Americans who have the benefit (at least for the time being) of a strong dollar. Despite the ‘manana’ attitude that pervades Fiji, planes, ferries and buses generally run on time. And if they don’t?

Well, it doesn’t concern too many people except visitors.

Local Bus Service - Transport
Classic Buses Ltd

Two local airlines (Northern Air and Fiji Link) serve 13 island airports from either Nadi or Suva on a daily basis. Flights are approximately US$400 (round-trip) from Nadi to the Northern Group and about US$300 (round-trip) from Nadi to the Southern Islands.

Resort islands off of Nadi such as Mana and Malolo Lailai in the Mamanucas, have service about a dozen times a day.

If you’re travelling intra-island, you have the option to take a bus, a jitney or a taxi–all at a reasonable rate.

There are also two sea-plane companies and a helicopter company.

Top Photo Courtesy of Fiji Airways

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