April 20, 2024
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Homestay Tourism Growing In The Yasawa Group

Homestay tourism is becoming very popular in the Yasawa Group as visitors are opting to enjoy the village and cultural experience rather than staying in resorts.

New Zealand tourists Casey Kaczmarczyk and partner Janine Bidmead said it gave them a chance to meet people, enjoying their company and experience the Fijian culture.

Staying in the hotels and resorts is good but you will not get to meet a lot of people and enjoy the real Fijian cultural experience so that is why we have opted for home stay, Ms Bidmead said

The couple are currently on a one week holiday at Navotua Village.

“We are looking forward to meeting people, socialising, eating the traditional food and of course the kava.”

Every homestay guests gets to eat at different houses in the village, for example have breakfast in one house, then lunch in the other and dinner in another house. So they will be visiting a total of three houses each day, where it will cost them FJ$25 for every meal.

In this way we can experience and actually understand how Fijians live on a daily basis which is much better than staying in hotels and resorts.

The homestay tourists on Navutua village stay in Bures (Fijian traditional houses) which costs them FJ$280 per night.

According to Navotua village headman Ame Rokotuibau all information about homestay at their village are included in their website.

It also instructs them on what to bring, what to wear when coming for homestay and all the earnings from our homestay guests are invested back in village traditional and religious obligations.

He said it helped with the progressive successive development of their village.

Article Courtesy of Fiji Sun –  http://fijisun.com.fj/2018/08/15/homestay-tourism-growing-in-the-yasawa-group/

Rob Kay

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner Rob Kay wrote the original Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide, and is Founder of Fijiguide.com.

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