March 4, 2024
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Tag - Yasawa Islands

Homestay Tourism Growing In The Yasawa Group

Homestay tourism is becoming very popular in the Yasawa Group as visitors are opting to enjoy the village and cultural experience rather than staying in resorts. New Zealand tourists Casey Kaczmarczyk and partner Janine Bidmead said it gave them a chance to meet people, enjoying their company and experience the Fijian culture. The couple are currently on a one week...

A Travelogue to the Yasawa Islands – Part 1, How to get there

Long time contributor Marilyn Marsh has just returned from her annual trip to Fiji.  This year she focused on the Yasawa Group. Marilyn is an excellent writer and a photographer with a knack for underwater shots. Over the next ten days will present her travelogue both text and photos, in a four-part series. This first blog describes how to...

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