June 22, 2024
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Fishing Ceremony from Bau–seen from the air

Never before seen from above, a traditional ceremony from the chiefly island of Bau to lift a fishing and swimming tabu following a chiefs passing. A big thank you to Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua, Ratu Epenisa Seru Cakobau, and everyone from Bau, Lasakau and Soso!

About Bau

Tourism, whether on land or from the sea, has never before now been permitted to venture anywhere near Bau island. It is in fact against the law to visit Bau without permission from someone who lives on the island or from Ministry of Fijian Affairs. This applies to locals and visitors alike.


About Kurt Peterson

Bula! Greetings from the happiest place on the planet, Fiji! My name’s Kurt Petersen and I own and operate Petersen Fotography. There’s nothing quite like being all natural. Whether I’m shooting, doing a voice over, or meeting a client, being your most natural self is the only way to paint the real picture. Petersen Fotography works with all things natural, in particular, light. So how natural can things get in the world of film? The answer for me is simple. Open your mind and shed some light on that next great idea. It’s organic, original, and most importantly, natural. Give it a go!

Rob Kay

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner Rob Kay wrote the original Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide, and is Founder of Fijiguide.com.

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