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Fijian Food Market

Produce Market of Nadi

Let’s walk around this wonderful market and let’s see what we can buy for lunch and dinner!! Very graphic and very cultural scenes from this very popular place here in Fiji.

Take a stroll and mingle with the locals at the Nadi produce market. You can buy fresh and cheap fruits like paw paws, pineapples and bananas and from the friendly stall owners. When you are here you should also try some new fruits or vegetables and why not take some colourful shots of Fiji´s food culture?  SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/VicStefanu

About Nadi Market

You can check out the local fresh fruits and vegetables at the Nadi produce market. Vendors spread their wares on the ground in neat displays—a pile of eggplants, some taro, limes, plantains, chilis. There are also kava-root vendors and fishmongers.


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