July 15, 2024
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Plantation Island Resort Coral Planting Project

The Staff and Management of Plantation Island Resort are excited to announce the commencement of a new environmental initiative. The property has recently embarked on a Coral Gardening Project.

The project is being led by Dr Austin Bowden-Kerby from Corals for Conservation, who is assisting the Resort with the program.

The project aims to restore and enhance the shallow marine environment around Plantation Island along with a reduction in seagrass dominated areas through coral planting. This will promote an increased habitat for grazing fish and enhance the beauty of the surrounding reef.

The project is also a collaboration with USP and involves the training of a group of USP Marine Studies graduates to become professional ‘’Coral Gardeners’’. Additionally, a member of the group will be selected by the resort and trained to become a full-time staff member to further carry out and maintain the program.

Sustainable Livelihoods and Coral Gardening to enhance MPAs for resource management. Official Facebook Page.  The project is being led by Dr Austin Bowden-Kerby from Corals for Conservation, who is assisting the Resort with the program.

In time the resort will establish a guest-focused activities program in coral gardening for both children and adults, with hands-on activities such as coral planting and fish house construction, guided tours, and educational information. Plantation Island Resort is also working towards securing the longevity of the existing no-fishing area around the Resort. Together with the Fijian community, the resort will promote an outreach strategy to extend appropriate benefits and awareness activities to the indigenous reef custodial community.

The rising temperatures of the world’s oceans has been widely attributed to the degradation and bleaching of reefs all over the world. Without positive action the future of Fiji’s reefs face increased risk. The Coral Gardening Project hopes to challenge these threats and promote a healthy future for the beautiful reefs of Fiji.

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