June 22, 2024
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Robert F. Kay’s Author Notes


When I first arrived in Fiji in 1979 I was immediately smitten. My rapport with the locals was instant and, as it turned out, lasting. Fiji got to me in a visceral way that tugged at my heart. The locals are bright, generous to a fault, charming, and earthy. They talk about and observe human behavior in detail that westerners fail to see. I may rhapsodize but I won’t romanticize. Fijians are far from perfect and have their social ills and blind spots like any other people.

Though in many ways they are conservative, as one would expect of a traditional society, at the same time they are tolerant and interested in what visitors have to share. They are also intellectually curious, a quality you won’t readily see in Polynesia.

Since my initial visit to the islands, I’ve returned like clockwork to Fiji every year. When I visit I try to see everything– restaurants, cafes, hiking trails, and hotels of every stripe. My bias is toward the properties that offer something special to the visitor, whether they are local guest houses or exclusive `boutique’ resorts.

In short, I won’t steer a traveler towards the humdrum or the mediocre. To get my kudos, a property has to be special before I start raving.

If you have traveled recently to Fiji or have comments on my web site I’d love to hear from you . If after visiting Fiji you agree with my take on things let me know. If you believe I’ve made a mistake or an erroneous call, I’d like to know that as well.

For the record, this website is based on the three editions of my copyrighted, Lonely Planet, Fiji, A travel survival kit. No part of this site may be reproduced without my written permission. 

Vinaka to photographers Jon Apted, Paddy Ryan, and Stefan Cabaniuk for their photographic contributions to this site, which was established in 1996.

Credit goes to David Barnes who helped me design this latest version of the website.

Mr. Barnes is no longer associated in any way shape or form with Fijiguide.com.

You can reach me at rkay@fijiguide.com

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