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Kadavu Activities & Attractions

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The majority of visitors come to Kadavu for one reason--world class diving.  All the Kadavu resorts have dive operations.  Day treks are also available and  overnight village stays can be organized through the resorts.

Surfing is excellent but inconsistent compared to the swells available off of Viti Levu.

Birding is excellent and the island is famous for its indigenous Kadavu Parrot. You’ll also be offered kava, which is exceptionally strong on Kadavu.

Kayaking has also become a big activity on Kadavu.

  1. North Astrolabe Reef
  2. Usbourne Passage
  3. Acquarium #1 & #2
  4. Naingoro Pass
  5. Caku Tolu
  6. Groove Tube
  7. Mellow Yellow
  8. Susa Ika
  9. Butterfly Bommie

Map courtesy of Divi Fiji.
  1. Gutu Gutu
  2. Evil Trench
  3. Dakunituba Reef
  4. Rainbow Tango
  5. Crazy Maze
  6. Blue Tang
  7. Bure's Jewel
  8. Maui Cake
  9. Cakau Se

Kadavu is best known to divers as the home of the Astrolabe Reef. Underwater flora and fauna are rich and well worth the visit. 

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