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Paradise put on a great Lovo Feast last night. 'Twas real authentic: pig was put in the ground - roasted for a few hours along with vegetables - taken out and served. As we ate, people from the surrounding community started arriving with their families. The guitars, ukeleles, and voices soared above our conversation. The Milky Way shone in all its brilliance above. After eating we assembled with the villagers to watch the community dance traditional. One gentleman was unbelievably good. Great facial expressions and scary, quick movements with the spear. After the show - it was kava time.

Today is my last dive day with Paradise. I had planned on leaving today, but I realized yesterday that I screwed up the itinerary. Luckily, Allan (the owner) has been swell - and in Australian-speak - has invited me to stay for another day. Whew! The island right now is overrun with travel agents who've arrived to inspect the properties. There are no bures anywhere available for rent.

Arriving at Taveuni Dive's boat, Jon asks where I'd like to dive. I'm inclined to tell him "Jerry's Jelly" or "Jack's Place" - the best dive spots in Somosomo Strait - but I'd just be repeating the same dives I've done year after year. I tell Jon, "Pick a place with a good hard coral garden that's not Annie's Bommie, Great White Wall, The Zoo, the Cabbage Patch, Jerry's Jelly or Jack's Place." He smiles and replies, "Well, there are only a few spots left, but I think I know the place."

After about 10 minutes we arrive at the spot. I look over the side to see coral not far below. I can tell this is going to be a shallow dive - and if I was snorkeling - this is a place I could possibly go. My still camera is ruined, so there'll be no more pictures underwater - just video.

I'm a little apprehensive. This is my second-to-last dive for this trip and I'm thinking I should've requested Jerry's Jelly or Jack's Place. O.K. Time to jump into the water. "One, two, THREE!" Splash.

So - if you get a chance to watch my video. What do you, the reader, think of the dive spot? If you're from Fiji, how does it compare with your local reef?

Next stop - Korolevu Island.

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