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Videos--John Llanes, Fisherman par excellence!

 Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, John Llances, the co-owner of Makaira is a fisherman, par excellence.


In fact, one of Makaira's claims to fame is John's skill as a fisherman. 


When I told Allan Gortan of Paradise Taveuni that I was going to Makaira, Allan chimed in that not only was John the best fisherman in northern Fiji but that he excells as a chef to boot. 

That sentiment was echoed by the Fijians standing close by.  On the taxi ride north, the taxi driver volunteered, when I told him to drive me to Makaira, that John was a "fantastic fisherman" and he asked me if I was going to Makaira to fish.

My response was perhaps a bit tepid.  As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I grew up in fishing country--some of the best in California.  However, my passion lies more in shooting fish with a video camera.

That said, I really do appreciate watching a skilled fisherman bring in the big ones.  As as you'll see in these videos.  There are no shortage of big fish in the waters off of Taveuni.



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Comment by Daniel Leuck on January 30, 2011 at 10:06pm
John is the man! I hope to get my dad to Fiji this year to go fishing with John.


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