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Called “The Zoo” because of the plethora of pelagics, this is a wall dive. It’s actually part of the Rainbow Reef that extends like a submerged peninsula from Vanua Levu out to the Somosmo Straights. This was once a fringing reef but with the passage of time, it’s sunk and has become a barrier reef. On a good day, the Zoo offers the visitor a chance to observe sharks, barracuda and manta rays. When you jump in there’s a little shallow shelf at around 10 meters. Beyond the shelf it’s virtually bottomless. The Zoo is not for neophytes. There is a strong current and you’d better know how to handle it. During my recent visit, the Zoo was pretty bereft of creatures large and small. I only saw only one grey reef shark, a few barracuda and some fusiliers. That said---it's worth the visit. You can see my recent video here: The Zoo at Somosomo Strait

Ulike the Great White Wall, there’s not much coral. I reckon the Zoo is too deep (around 32 meters) for hard coral so you’re there for the pelagics—that is if they happen to be in the neighborhood.

Past the coral shelf, you swim up to a coral plateau at around 20 meters and linger there for the remainder of the dive. This is in fact is where you spend the majority of the dive. The current takes you across the shelf and you eventually drift up to a shallow area (on the inside of the Rainbow Reef) where you can see some gorgeous hard coral and reef fish such as tangs, anthias and damsels.

This is an advanced dive. You’ll need to be a diver that understands buoyancy because the currents are simply too strong and you can get swept into the depths if you’re not aware. I repeat, it’s not for novices.

Keep in mind that it’s best not to expect the animals in the Zoo to be there, much less to “perform” for you. With pelagics, you never know when they will be around or not. You’ll either be lucky to see them…or not.

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