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Paradise Taveuni (ParadiseInFiji.Com) is one of the newer resorts on the island and it really impressed me. It's on the far (southern) end of Taveuni--about an hour and a half from the airstrip near the village of Vuna.

For a great introductory video by's Scott Putnam see this Paradise Taveuni Video Review.

You can also read text review (yes, good old fashioned print) below...

Formerly a tumbled-down backpacker hangout called Susie’s, it’s been completely transformed into an unpretentious, near luxury resort with every amenity you could ask for and, some of the best diving on an island known world-wide for great dive sites. I say "near luxury" because it's not in the same category as Taveuni Island Resort but not every resort needs to be in the lap of luxury. Being close to it is fine with me. Ostensibly it's a dive resort but I think it's a great place if you just want to read a good novel and eat very good food. It’s run and operated by an Australian couple, Allan and Terri Gortan.

The couple has managed resorts in Fiji for over a decade and it shows. What’s more, Allan is a trained chef and that clearly manifests itself. They have incorporated everything they’ve learned and created, I think one of the best little properties in Fiji. I say "little" because there are only ten bures. At this unique Taveuni Resort, you will find only 10 elegantly appointed Bures. Each accommodates 2 to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. They are luxurious without being over the top--each has indoor and outdoor showers, a king size bed in the private bedroom, and lounge room.

The resort has recently unveiled their newest accommodation, known as the "Reef Room" with a pool and ocean views, king-sized bed, lounge area and modern bathroom.

The cuisine I sampled was very good. There’s an organic farm literally next door to the property where they get vegetables, fruit and grass fed cattle. Allan likes to use local ingredients and feature Indian, Fijian and even Italian cuisine. There are various meal plans to fit a guest’s appetite. The resort is all-inclusive.

Accommodation rates are FJ$650 per night for 1 to 2 adults and FJ$750 per night for 3 adults or 2 adults plus 2 children. Paradise Taveuni runs package “special deals” and the accommodation/meal rates go down considerably the longer you stay and if you incorporate spa services and diving.

Diving is the primary diversion around here. In fact they offer free shore dives. If you're not the diving type there are plenty of other activities-- hiking, bird watching, village visits, waterfall trips, beach drop-offs and fishing are there for the asking.

The reef just off-shore from Paradise Taveuni is great. Unlike other resorts in Fiji, the reef is immediately below the resort and it is at sufficient depth to allow snorkeling and diving at both low and high tide. Access is easy: just step down from a cement dock into 3 meter deep crystal-clear water. The highlights of the reef are clownfish in anemones, blue ribbon eels, lionfish, montipora bommies, and a very friendly lunar wrasse. (Check out Scott's House Reef Video).

Taveuni Dive (TaveuniDive.Com), also known as Pro Dive Taveuni, is the dive operator at Paradise Taveuni. They are a safe, American-run company that offers trips to Vuna Reef (exclusive to Taveuni Dive), Somosomo Strait, the reefs between Taveuni and Qamea, as well as the fantastic (but rarely dived) reefs north of Qamea, Matangi, and Laucala. Diving courses at the resort are offered for the beginner diver to the advanced.

The rates are as follows (which are subject to change):
Dive In Paradise with your own Equipment:

Single Boat Dive: FJ$125
Double Boat Dive: FJ$250

Shore Dive: FJ$60 or free with a Pro Dive Package
Double Shore Dive: FJ$120

Night Dive: FJ$140
Rainbow Reef Double Dive: FJ$290 (minimum 2 divers)

Pro Dive Mini Dive package: FJ$560 – 5 boat dives + FREE shore dives
Pro Dive Package: FJ$1250 10 boat dives + 1 night dive + FREE unlimited shore dives

Dive in Paradise using our equipment:
Single Boat Dive: FJ$140
Double Boat Dive: FJ$280

Shore Dive: FJ$70 or free with a Pro Dive Package
Double Shore Dive: FJ$140
Night Dive: FJ$170

Rainbow Reef Double Dive: FJ$320 (minimum 2 divers)
Pro Dive Mini Dive package: FJ$670 – 5 dives+ FREE shore dives.
Pro Dive Package: FJ$1400 – 10 boat dives + 1 night dive + FREE unlimited shore dives

For video reviews of two Vuna Reef dive sites, see
The Stairs and Vuna Chutes.

For video reviews of a few Somosomo Strait dive sites, see The Zoo, Nuku Reef, Cabbage Patch, Korolevu Island.

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