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Paradise Taveuni Resort Review Revisited

Recently I posted a video entitled, Paradise Taveuni Resort Review which I believe captured the spirit of place for this wonderful property. Here's the text from that video in additon to some photos courtesy of Paradise Taveuni Resort...

Looking for the best place to take pictures of stunning sunsets? Interested in snorkeling or diving on a fantastic reef right outside your room? What about venturing to the world famous Rainbow Reef in Somosomo Strait? Or waterfalls? Or lovos? Or just relaxing?

Well, you need look no further than Paradise Taveuni. Located an hour by plane from the international airport in Nadi and an hour by road from the local airport, Paradise Taveuni can be found on Google Earth in the southwest corner of Taveuni Island, in the Fijian Islands.

It is a small resort -- with only 10 little homes or bures. Each bure has a small patio that faces out towards the sea, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a really neat outdoor enclosed shower. There is no air conditioning, but overhead fans keep the bures well ventilated and the sleep is comfortable.

Activities at Paradise Taveuni include day excursions to waterfalls and marine parks, spectacular hikes, spa treatments, lounging, snorkeling, and diving. The snorkeling and diving in front of the resort is truly special. The water is perfectly calm, beautiful, and clear. And the access in-and-out of the water is easy. There's no wading through mud, broken corals, or turtle grass. Just step down into the water and you'll immediately see butterflyfish, clownfish, wrasse, and tangs. It's truly amazing.

Taveuni Dive, also known as Pro Dive Taveuni, is the dive operator at Paradise Resort. It is a well-run dive shop with new, well-maintained equipment. Prices are competitive with other dive operators on the island and they offer diving courses right at the resort. Taveuni Dive takes guests to spots on Vuna Reef and Somosomo Strait. Vuna Reef is exclusive to Taveuni Dive. If you would like to see videos of some of the dive locations, please see my dive videos.

The resort caters to all types: honeymooners, divers, snorkelers, adventurers, normal folk, and surprisingly, Fijians. Even the people that live on Taveuni like to have a holiday and swim in a pool. The resort is not particular to any nationality. When I was there, there were Slovakians, Japanese, Fijians, Americans, Australians, Italians, and New Zealanders.

The accommodation rates at Paradise Taveuni are more affordable than most of the resorts in the Taveuni area. So if you're interested in visiting Taveuni and you don't want an unmanageable credit card bill, consider Paradise Taveuni. It'll offer you an affordable paradise and a great time. And if you happen to catch the meke, also known as a dance, you'll see a performance that outdoes all the others. What an actor!

For more information, please see FijiGuide.Com, or visit Paradise Taveuni on the web. Please note that not every travel agent on the internet lists or books Paradise Taveuni, so if your heart is set on seeing these sunsets, seeing the actor/warrior, snorkeling a great reef, eating good food, and diving Somosomo Strait AND Vuna Reef -- contact a travel agent that books the resort OR contact the resort directly. The prices will be the same regardless.

(Photos courtesty of Paradise Taveuni (

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