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The trail we’re following divides the beach from the bures. On the beach side are umbrellas with beach lounge chairs and hammocks (under the obligatory coconut trees) and on the other land side are the bures, of which there are seven (7) total.

The architecture of each bure is interesting and not what I would classify as traditional Fijian. Each bure looks like a ranch home (although they are somewhat elevated off the ground, not on concrete slab), but attached to each bure is a patio that is covered with Fijian thatch.

We arrive at my bure and it’s big. There’s a stairway up to a front door deck, with chairs for absorbing the view, a side patio with a lounge couch and chairs for absorbing the view and as I turn and look at the beach, there’s a hammock as well as an umbrella with chairs for absorbing the view. Even if my large family was with me, there’d be plenty of room for all of them to have their "own space". Wow.

After a tour of the bure (a large bedroom, with another couch and chairs, the bathroom with two showerheads, and a back-door patio filled with chairs), I thank my host with a temporary "Good-bye," and I start unpacking all the equipment. Tomorrow is my first day of underwater filming and I need to get everything ready before I even contemplate using all the relaxation elements at my disposal.

I’m looking up from my work and note it’s already 5 p.m. How’d the time fly? Granted, I’ve been writing this blog, but not for that long and I just unpacked. I’m grabbing my tripod out of my dive bag, assembling it, getting the camera and heading out the door 10 feet to the beach. It’s a long walk.

There are a lot of holes in the sand and out of the periphery I see crabs, the color of the sand, shoveling sand out of the holes. This is so neat! I’m setting up over a hole and waiting for a crab to make an appearance. Nothing is happening. I’ll try setting the camera on a tripod over a hole and step back. Maybe it’s scared or senses my presence. Crab’s still not coming out…

Turning the camera towards the water, I am starting to shoot the sun, the mountains, the sea, and the mangroves. My legs have a hive of mosquitoes happily ingesting a meal. The sky is turning pink, there’s no way I can leave. Maybe these are male mosquitoes and I won’t have any bites? Nope, they’re starting to itch.

The last glimmer of light is leaving the sky and I look up to find the Southern Cross. It’s there, as is the Milky Way and a view of true beauty. There are no words to describe the majesty, other than Carl Sagan’s: "Billions and billions of stars…" The infinity of light is surreal and overpowering. There are stars everywhere! Too bad my camera can’t capture this magic. On to dinner…

I had dinner with Jenny. We talked for hours, but those 4 hours are finally catching up with me. I need to get to bed, now! Good night!






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