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Next Stop--Grand Central Station--Check out this Video

Scott Putnam, videographer extraordinaire, is at it again.

Located about an hour's boat ride south of the Cousteau resort is a dive site called Grand Central Station, known for it’s array of both pelagic and reef life. Scott Putnam's latest video, Grand Central Station, is now featured on

Grand Central Station is where the reef meets the sea so that you have the opportunity pelagics such as sharks as well as reef creatures soft coral, all within spitting distance of each other. Such a confluence of marine life in one spot is rare.

This is a drift dive that flows along a wall that plunges thousands of feet into the steely blue darkness of the Bligh Waters.

Scott likens it to a Disneyland ride. You can enjoy the sights but don’t think about stopping. The powerful currents will have their way with you so it’s best to go with the flow. The trick, says Scott is to enter the chute - a quick moving body of water - at the right point and at the right time. If you do, you'll enter a scene of unbelievable, vertigo inducing, depths with sea creatures both large and small swirling all around you.

If you enter in the wrong spot you can be carried far from the rest of your diving buddies, there won't be a wall, and there won't be a creature show. Scott admits that he in fact did begin in the wrong place. Fortunately, he was accompanied by a marine biologist, Johnny Singh, who regularly dives this site and knew his way around.

“Don’t even try and fight the current,” says Scott, “you’re liable to get your mask ripped from your face…or lose all your photographic gear…or use up all your air within 15 minutes.”

In this video, rather than getting into effusive descriptions of sea life, Scott narrates how to go with (or in his instance, against) the flow of a drift dive. He also explains how he clung to the coral to get some great shots of tiny fish (anthias), which despite the violent currents, are able to navigate the reef easily.

This video is a real treat.

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