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Roberta Davis of Makaira Resort is working diligently towards having the section of reef next to Makaira Resort designated a Marine Reserve.  Not only would such a  designation benefit Makaira Resort, but it would also benefit Taveuni Palms, Taveuni Island Resort, Ucuilgi, and Maravu Plantation and Beach Resort.  And of course, a marine reserve could also improve the fishery on Taveuni's western shore by providing a safe haven for marine creatures to reach maturity and reproduce.


There is already a marine reserve half-way down the east coast of Taveuni.  It is called Waitabu Marine Park and it was formed in 2003 by Waitabu Village.  Since creation, the reef has shown a great improvement in fish populations, benefiting the village of Waitabu with snorkeling tourism and the adjacent areas with improved fishing.


The no-take policy of a marine park not only protects fish and corals from human predation, but also clams.  "Clams?" you say.  Yes, clams. 


Clams (aka vasua in Fijian) are a MUCH LOVED delicacy in Fiji.  As a result, clams in Fiji can only be found in protected areas and at scuba diving depths.  Fiji's fisheries department recognzes the current problem and has set up a clam hatchery on the island of Makogai to help repopulate Fiji's waters.  Repopuation will only work, however, if there are protected places for them to thrive.   See:


A possible benefit for Taveuni is that with the "Marine Reserve" designation, Makogai might send clams their way to reseed the reef.  The decision is with Fiji's Fisheries Department. 

It is impossible to know what a proper clam concentration should be for a Taveuni reef, but one extreme can be found at Kingman Reef, northeast of Fiji.  At Kingman Reef, there is no human predation (no humans - it's part of the US Park Service) and the reef is covered thickly with clams.  It is truly a sight to behold.  It is also densely populated with predatory fish and sharks.  Fish hide in the reef, too scared to come out.  Here is a picture of Kingman's clam density (Tridacna maxima):


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