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Makaira - A little bit of Hawaii in Fiji

I'd never heard of Makaira Resort prior to Rob Kay's (Fiji Guide founder) introduction last year. It reluctatly shows up on Google searches of Taveuni resorts (only with much searching) and it's not featured on travel agent web sites (Makaira does not pay commissions to travel agents). Makaira's internet presence consists of a "flash" website at "" - which is a difficult address to remember and a mouthful to repeat. "Flash" does not lend itself towards internet search engines as each web page is essentially a picture without text. As for marketing, the resort does very little. Instead, it relies on word-of-mouth, a few Taveuni accommodation web sites, Trip Advisor, (hopefully) FijiGuide, and returning guests. So, to know of Makaira, you must be in-the-loop so to speak.
I'm staying in the small bure. It contains a bedroom and a bathroom and it costs only US $120 a night if you stay 7 nights. The bure sleeps a couple and maybe two other people (children) wth cot beds to the side. The other bure on the property rents for US $165 a night (for 7 night stay) and it sports a bedroom, bathroom, and a living room. Makaira has been known to cram as many as 6 adults into the larger bure. If you've researched accommodations on Taveuni, you'll appreciate that these rates are great. Unlike the other properties in northern Taveuni - which mostly market to honeymooners, you won't have to mortgage your future to stay here. There may be other places that are even cheaper, but they're in the hostel category. Makaira is nice, really nice. For those seeking simple luxury wthout pomp, snobbery, and unwarranted circumstance, Makaira is the place. And you get a great breakfast to boot (and maybe dinner too).

Roberta Davis and her husband, John Llanes, are the owners of Makaira. They are Hawaiian transplants (from the Big Island of Hawaii) and are truly the most down-to-earth, nicest people you will ever meet. They left Hawaii looking for the Hawaii of one hundred years ago: beaches with no development, great fishing, and intact South Pacifc culture. They found their ideal on Taveuni.
As you can probably guess, Roberta and John are a great source for those debating a vacation in Hawaii verses a vacation in Fiji. They will, of course, steer you towards Fiji, but with some reluctance. They still love Hawaii and they have strong roots there.

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