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Johnny Singh shines in a new two part video series on Cousteau's “Discover the Reef” Program

Personable, charming, and informal, Johnny Singh casts a big personality net over those lucky visitors who partake in the “Discover the Reef” programs at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in the Fiji Islands. A fast-NYish style-talker, with an accent that is sometimes unintelligible to American English ears, Johnny is an on-site (he and his wife and kids live on the resort) marine biologist, hired to educate and entertain guests, snorkelers, and divers of both the resort and the attached L’Aventure dive shop. Effusive with energy, this “boy” (he looks very young for his age) just can’t stop talking about the surrounding reef ecosystem. His enthusiasm is very infectious.

Once a week, Johnny presents a “Discover the Reef” show for the guests as soon as the sun goes down. I saw his show during my previous visit and when I saw it listed on the day’s schedule, I made sure I got to the bar (where the show is presented) early to get a good seat. I need not have bothered: the bar and resort were empty. While I was diving at Namena, the “Russians”, who had booked most of the resort, had checked out. A large party of Australians was checking in the next day. It was in-between time. So, Greg Taylor (the general manager) and I sat down and watched the show together.

There are movies and shows that I can see once in a lifetime. Coral and underwater shows, like this one, do not fall in this category. Not only do I love the subject, I get really jazzed seeing the youth and the “old” mesmerized by the underwater world. Many visitors to the resort never even venture into the water (fear of water, can’t swim, claustrophobic, fear of fish, etc.), so this educational moment is a valuable opportunity to share truly magical moments.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort gave me permission to film the show so I could share it with you, my fans (hah, hah, hah) and any other interested folk. Few people in this world are able to visit Fiji, let alone the resort, so I hope you enjoy the vicarious experience. The video is split into three segments (due to band width limitations).

The first segment, entitled "Discovery the Reef with Johnny Singh Part 1" will run in tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!

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