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Every guest to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, soon after check-in, is treated to a sugar rub and foot massage. Well, that's how it's done normally. But as I've had lots of things to do, I've postponed this torture to my last day.

Now you can probably guess from this last statement that I'm not a massage guy. I'm rather ticklish and the jabbing, poking, and deep rubbing that comes with massages is, well, not as pleasurable to me as it is to others. Thus, I'm sort of lost on this topic and a bit out of my comfort zone, which, if you haven't guessed by now, is marine biology and diving.

I've thoroughly researched all my Fiji trips before throwing down the $$$$ and all this research has included the massage options at the various resorts I've visited. I've found that a resort's spa options are a great way to entice the females in my family to join me on my trips. Truly astounding: you'd think that diving alone would be enticement enough!

Anyway, I digress. Let me just say that Cousteau has a large selection of massages available for both couples and the lone single. They're not crazy expensive, but neither are they cheap. This is a luxury resort after all. I've asked plenty of Cousteau's guests during my two visits what they think of their massages and the common reply is always "Fantastic!" with a look that makes me raise an eyebrow. Very racy. Anyway, to the one, I've caught them as they've headed back to their bure for a shower to clean off the kilograms of applied lotion. They've all smelled great - even from hundreds of meters away!

See the video of my sugar rub for a good laugh.

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