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I shake Greg’s hand good-bye and follow my guide as we begin the overview of Cousteau’s bures. My guide is a sweet gal, dressed in a green dress uniform. All of Cousteau’s staff, except for Greg and his assistant manager, are uniformed. One’s job description dictates the uniform worn.

There are twenty-five (25) bures (cabanas, cabins, bungalows) at Cousteau; the layout for the bures can be found online at:

On the tour, Julie (my attending guide) shows me an Ocean View Bure, then a two bedroom Ocean View Bure, a Garden View Bure, and a Point Reef Bure. I ‘m not shown the Villa, but I went to a wine party at the Villa two years ago and my memory of the place has not diminished (if you’ve got the $$$ and you don’t mind spending it, this place is REALLY NICE.) Julie tells me all about the pillow library, the specially imported mattresses, the mosquito coils, the electric towel drying rack, the special European tile, the special reed roofs, the Cousteau robes found in the closet, and the daily list of activities.

We then headed over to the Bula Club to see where all the tots hang out. It was quiet - too quiet; school must be in session on planet Earth. I had noticed some children under age 5 about an hour earlier, but they weren't playing in Bula Club now. Nap time.

At about this moment, Johnny Singh, Cousteau’s resident marine biologist catches up with me. “Hey, are you Scott?” “Why yes, I am.”….A look of recognition sweeps over Johnny’s face. “Hey, were you here before?” Here’s another one with a good memory. Johnny tells me Greg has assigned him to me full-time (Yahoo!). Johnny asks when I want to start diving and where I want to dive. He tells me we’ll have our own boat and I’ll be free to film as much as I want. The only limitation will be tides. As Savusavu Bay gets murky on an outgoing tide, we’ll have to wait until morning before venturing out. He has a tidal schedule with him and as he looks down to read it; he continues, “Ten a.m. tomorrow will provide the best conditions. Will that work for you?”

“Yes; thank you.”

“No problem. This will be fun.”

I tell him I have an extra underwater camera if he wants to take pictures.



“This will really be fun. We’ll dive Alice in Wonderland.”

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