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Hanging out with the Bubba in Paradise

Well it only took an hour and a half to catch a wahoo, a half hour further of patrolling for sailfish (one jumped not too far off The Huntress) and then we headed home.   North of Taveuni, but still in Somosomo Strait, I could see Qamea and Matangi Islands to my left and Kioa and Vanua Levu Islands to my right.  Surreal beauty. 

Upon disembarking, we put the bleeding wahoo in Bubba's junker car.  It's a rusted-out work horse; Bubba doesn't seem to mind adding "fish" freshener to his tattered upholstery.  He asks if I'd like a ride up the hill.  I take a look at the fish that would be in my lap and tell him, "No thanks, I'll walk."  It's truly a short 2 minute jaunt up stairs.


I head first to my bure to clean-up and recharge my video batteries.  John is cleaning up The Huntress, so there's no rush (I'm feeling a lot of guilt leaving him to clean).  After a nice hot shower, I lay down in the hammock to see and relax in the view.  Ahh, I could live here.


About to doze off, with drool coming down my cheek, I hear John up at his house.  I awake from my daydream/nap and grab my video camera, while rubbing my eyes. 


John and Roberta's house is quite small by American standards - but sufficiently large for Fiji.  There's a big porch, where guests, workers, and friends congregate at night to sing and drink kava (John himself likes to sing Elvis tunes with a  vibrato very similar to Elvis).  Inside there's a room for John to paint.  His artwork is of fish - sailfish in particular.  They're really good and they adorn the house.  I ask if any are for sale and John says, "Maybe."  He laughs.  Past the art room is a combination living room/kitchen and off to the right is the bedroom/bathroom.  No wasted space here.


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