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After checking out Pedro, our guide, takes us to see the 180th meridian, the old Meridian Theatre and the mission.

Pedro drops us off at the ferry stop and we bid him farewell. We thoroughly enjoy the ferry ride to Buca Bay, which takes a little over an hour. They put us in the front of the boat so we can enjoy the view. We pass coral islands and toward the middle of the ride flying fish jump in front of the bow. We sit next to some Fijian villagers who take a keen interest in my iPhone. I show them the video and voice control features which elicit gasps.

After a beautiful ride through tropical rain forest and mangrove lagoons we arrive at Lomalagi, a beautiful 25 acre property sitting at the highest point overlooking scenic Natewa Bay. This 600 square mile, 1,000 meter deep body of water is the largest deep-water bay in the South Pacific. It is noted for its beautiful soft corals and two large pods of spinner dolphins that live in the bay year around.

We are greeted by the resorts enthusiastic owner, Collin, who explains that the resort sits on a coconut plantation that has been in operation for over 100 years. She takes us up to a large deck overlooking the bay. It is an awe-inspiring view. Truly one of the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Photos of Lomalagi (Heaven)

The first staff members we meet are Wais and his lovely wife Tats. They serve us a chefs salad, which has been tailored to our food preferences collected before arrival. Wais is kind enough to spend 30 minutes helping me with my Fijian. He is an excellent instructor. I plan to practice me new skills on unsuspecting villagers the next day :-)

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