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Kayaking in Fiji

In addition to surfing, kayaking is perhaps the fastest growing activity in Fiji. A kayaking holiday combines the best elements of Fiji—thenatural beauty of the land and seascape plus the hospitality of the inhabitants. Though the scene is constantly changing to the best of my knowledge kayaking trips are available in Taveuni, Vanua Levu, Kadavu and the Yasawa Group.

Many resorts also offer kayaks for use at the resorts, and several arrange overnight village stays in conjunction with kayak trips. Matava is one that Sea Fiji (Fijiguide’s travel partner) has sold on a pretty regular basis, and owner Soctt Kukral tells me his clients have been happy with it.I’ve also heard good things about Tamarillo,a Kiwi company which operates a tour in Kadavu and does multi-night trips either camping or staying at some of the resorts there. I hear that they have a good operation. A very dependable Fijiguide reader was recently in Kadavu and noted that their kayaks and support boats looked very good. Their website is Their website is

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