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Air Transportation

To/From North America
Air Pacific provides regular service from the West Coast (only from LAX) and Hawaii to Fiji. Flight time from the west coast to Fiji is about 9 hours and about six from Honolulu, not including a stop in Christmas Island which turns the trip into an 8 hour ordeal.

To/From Australia
Both Air Pacific and Qantas both fly to Fiji out of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Fares out of Sydney or Brisbane start at A$735 during low season. Flight time is 3 3/4 hours from Sydney and 4 1/2 from Melbourne.

To/From New Zealand
Air New Zealand and Air Pacific fly from Auckland to Nadi. Flight time from Auckland to Nadi is three hours 15 minutes.

To/From Europe
Europeans interested in getting to Fiji should look into either Qantas or Air New Zealand.

To/From Asia
Both Air New Zealand and Air Pacific fly Nadi/Tokyo. The newest player in Asia market is Korean Airlines, which flies direct out of Seoul.

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