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Tim and Paul Wedlock came with their father John to treat themselves to a boys fishing get-away and have a go for some marlin with the heavy tackle aboard Bite
. Unfortunately the marlin bite was very quiet this week. In
three days of offshore fishing in some pretty ordinary weather, the boys
raised just one nice blue marlin around 400lbs that smashed a rigger,
jumped around the spread and managed to throw the hook. There were
plenty of school yellowfin
around and catching dinner at least was easy. With the weather starting
to improve on their last day the guys decided to have a go at Kadavu
Islands famous

Tim tagged and released this excellent fish of around 30kg measuring 44"
short length, 32" girth using a pink/white R2S Dumbell 200 Popper

Paul weighed in first with his first GT around 12kg...

Then upped his PB with this healthy 40" fish of about 25kg on a red/gold Buffalo Popper

All three GTs were tagged and released quickly and in good condition. Lets hope we see them again next season and get
some new measurements.

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