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August 17-19, 2010 Aquaponics Workshop (a.m. at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel* - p.m. hands-on training a 2 miles away at the Pacific Aquaculture Center - transportation will be provided)

*Transportation from Hilo airport to the Hotel will be provided by us according to a schedule that will be posted here.
The Aquaponics & Tilapia Workshop will be Featuring:

Dr. James Rakocy - Virgin Islands
Dr. Wilson Lennard - Australia
Dr. Gideon Hulata - Israel
Mr. Glenn Martinez - Hawai'i

Day 1 - August 17, 2010:
8-11:30AM Opening Address by
Dr. Benny Ron and Dr. Gary Ostrader
Lectures by Dr. James Rakocy and Dr. Wilson Lennard
11:30AM-12:45PM Lunch @ Hilo Hawaiian
12:45-1:15PM Lecture by Dr. Gideon Hulata on fish breeding techniques
Moku Ola Room,
Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
1:30PM Transportation to PACRC
Examining Aquaponics Systems & Construction
6:00PM Transportation to Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

Aquaponic system | System design and management | Components | Construction techniques | Operation | Water quality | Fish production | Stocking rates | Feeding | Growth | Survival | Harvesting and processing | Plant production | Seedling production | Disease and insect control | Harvesting and packaging

This Event is Offered by:
University of Hawai'i Aquaculture Program in collaboration with UH-Hilo

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