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Hi, we have 2 boys aged 15 & 12. Have visited Coral Coast, Plantation & Treasure Island but want to try something different. Trying to decide between Taveuni or Yasawas (doing my head in trying the pick a location). Must have snorkelling from the resort as well as some nice diving beginner to intermediate with some nice coral & interesting marine life. Maybe some fishing & a visit to caves or waterfalls. We don't need 5 star accommodation, but nice surrounds & not excessively expensive.

I like the look of Taveuni but not sure about weather/rain. We also want some nice warm weather. Open to suggestions. In Yasawas we have considered staying between Blue Lagoon & either Botaira or Mantaray. Taveuni Paradise Taveuni & Coconut Grove. 

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Both places would be great for kids but keep in mind the expenses. You'll have to fly to Taveuni. Kind of expensive.  The good thing about Taveuni however, is that everything is on one big island. Lots of stuff and more accessible in one place. With the Yasawas you'll be travelling from one small island to another to see different venues. Really depends what you want.  One big island?  Or, hanging around a much smaller island.

Hi Robert, thanks very much for the reply. I'm waiting to get some prices to compare how much extra to visit Taveuni with airfares. Taveuni does sound interesting. Do you know what the weather is like in June & what accommodation would you recommend? Thanks Chris

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