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Indulge me this once. I need to take an informal  poll of members.  I'm thinking that it might be fun to do private tours of Fiji led by yours truly perhaps quarterly. 

The question is, is there anyone interested?

We would hit my favorite destinations.  Taveuni, Vanua Levu, Yasawa Group and possibly Suva if there's time.  I would have special "guest stars" participate with lectures and workshops on history, archeology, language and culture.  We go to some very cool places and learn all we can about Fijian culture.  We'd rub shoulders and drink kava (and maybe some Fiji Bitter) with the local people.

We would learn a lot but the true goal would be to have fun and enjoy the company of our Fijian hosts. 

This would be most likely an upscale tour.  Haven't crunched any numbers yet.  First off I need to know if there's interest. 

Your feedback would be most welcomed.  Please post your comments or suggestions here or email me directly rkay (@) 

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Oh yes, I am very interested!

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