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Hi there,

I am really interested in visiting Taveuni possibly in July for our 10 year wedding anniversary..curious if anyone has some good recommendations.Thought we would "mix it up"-perhaps stay a few nights at Coconut Grove..then something cheaper...Only requirements are beach ,close to good snorkelling,CLEAN ..good food*( or being not too far away to buy decent food)-my husband is fish eating and cooking mad,so maybe an opportunity to catch,cook our own fish.The last thing we want is Americanised food eg: burgers,fries etc.. We are not big resort luxury travellers-but not backpackers either.,we like to meet the locals :).any suggestions greatly appreciated!!

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Sorry that I missed this earlier...I would strongly suggest Makaira...let me know and I'll buzz the owner for you...we've written a lot about it. Do a search on this site and you'll find a lot...

Please check out Mountain Gateway Fiji on Facebook and inbox them your interest i am sure they will help you out......And give you a good price.

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