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We have snorkelled a lot in Taveuni and Yasawas recently but would like to know how one would get the the Ringgolds, Rabi etc besides doing a Tui Tai cruise.  We did that before and the snorkelling was fantastic but the boat and food were ordinary.  This was some years ago so it may have improved however we find the cost fairly daunting.  I have no problems travelling on local ferries etc.

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That's a great question. I don't know how you'd get out there outside of the Tui Tai...unless of course you charter a boat.  I don't think the ferries will help you that much unless you could organize a place to stay and local transportation...I don't even think there are places to stay on Rabi outside of gov't guest houses...if there's one at all...

Hi Robert, I think you are right.  I've tried looking into charter boats but unless you are a local its difficult to find anyone that could take you there, and as you say, where do you stay.  It would be great even to be able to camp in a decent tent setup. Oh well, thanks for replying.

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