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Please, does someone have info about GRACE FERRY schedule?


After searching for some time in the internet I can´t find the schedule of this company (Grace ferry) to travel from Taveuni to Savusavu by boat-bus . I have been reading some of the posts that mention this itinerary on the other way (Savusavu to TAveuni) and I guess is a two way service, right?

I would be very grateful if someone who has been on the area lately and knows tells me, or can help me out finding their current schedule. 

We will be in Taveuni August 20th, ,  and have our flight back to Nadi form  from Savusavu on the 24th. So if there is a chance to get anyhow "motorized" to Savusavu on Tuesday 23rd or Monday 22nd we will be happy. ( not thriatlethes yet to swim the strait on our own...)

Thanks very much


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I can't help with current schedule.  But be careful with any information - we travelled on it some years ago.  We confirmed with the boat captain as we boarded that the boat would be met by a bus (it's quite a long ride over a bad road to Savusavu from where the boat docks).  He assured us that it was.  When we got to the end of the boat trip we asked what time the bus left - the same person told us - "oh, the bus doesn't run on Thursdays".

Fortunately we were able to hitch a ride on a truck!

I couldn't agree more with Marilyn.  Fiji's transportation services may or may not adhere to schedules--whether you can find them published or not!


Why not call them on skype and see what you can find out...

You can always hire a cab to meet you at the dock at Boca Bay to get you to Savusavu. You'll need to arrange for the cab while you're on Taveuni - as the cab driver won't know he needs to be there to meet you.


Your ideas are very useful.  I will try to arrange things when I am there. I was thinking in giving up Savusavu and change the flight to return from Taveuni to Nadi, but I read nice things about the bay. We wont be able to dive over there (too bad,  I watch the video of Chimneys it is AMAZING), but we will try to snorkel or enjoy a day cruise.

Thanks again,


I would definitely try to see Savusavu and if you can, Natewa Bay, the largest bay in the South Pacific. It's worth the extra effort and as Scott pointed out, you can hire a cab to meet you at Buca Bay and then fly out of Savusavu.  Stop at Lomalagi on the way back.  Wonderful view from the property and say hello to Collin, the owner.


I came back from Fiji.

Taveuni was the best.

I managed to take Grace ferry and bus from Taveuni to Savusavu. It runs everyday at 8.30. It is advisable to be there at 8.  The bus is packed with people and luggage. We were two, one of us took care of being in line to get the first row of the bus - the terrain is bumpy - mostly not  paved-  so better travel in the front with fresh air from the open door-, the other one had both luggages and wait till everybody was on the bus, because  the boarding proccess seems like Tokio´s subway in rush hour.

Everything costs 20 fijian dollars and takes around 5 hours,  almost two by boat (if you have motion sickness take pill) and the rest on the road. It stops a couple of times to buy lunch (local), we took our own.


Have fun if you try the adventure.








Hi..I am new to this site, and I am trying to find out as much as I can about Fiji transportation before going there in January.


Which is the easiest way to go from Nadi airport to Kia island? I still haven't bought my flight ticket from Uk....Thanks

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