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Just curious if anyone has stayed at Intercontinental recently? Looking for a review that isn't on the hotel website or travel page :) Any advice? My husband and I are traveling to Fiji in February and am looking forward to it! We plan to go fishing for one day and RELAX the rest of our many days!


Thanks in advance!

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I haven't ever stayed here.  If you're going to be in the neighborhood, a less expensive, but nonetheless nice option is Bedarra which is just down the road.

We've already booked at Intercontinental! Also, do you know if there are supermarkets or anywhere near where we can purchase a few items (snacks, fruit, liquor/beer)?

There are a few local shops in the area but you'd need to take a taxi or rent a car. Sigatoka would be the best place.  I don't recall them in walking distance.

Bula Megan,

Assuming you are getting a private transfer from Nadi Airport to the Intercontinental, you will pass a big supermarket on the way there while still in Nadi Town.  Just ask your driver to make a stop and they usually will.  I don't think they take credit cards though so you'll have to have Fiji money with you.  Depending on your arrival flight though it might not be open yet.

Curious as to why you chose a mainland hotel.  Most people who can afford the Intercontinental would opt for one of the island resorts such as Tokoriki.  The Intercon is fine for a few days if this is a stopover or more if you were going to play golf every day, but frankly it could be anywhere in the world.  It's not really a Fijian resort as just happens to be in Fiji, and that time of year you are likely to get a lot of rain on the mainland.  And it doesn't have a pier so your fishing expedition might be problematic.

Thanks for the information on the supermarket in Nadi! We are going with a group of people and I was not a part of the decision making process. I looked into Tokoriki and see what you mean about a more Fijian resort!

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