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Hello!  My fiance and I are planning on spending our honeymoon in Fiji the first week of October (for 7-8 nights).  We have been doing a TON of research on the different islands, but would love to get some advice from some of you!  We would love to stay half the time possibly on the main island, and they other half on a smaller island ( Viti Levu/Mamanuca Islands).

Which resorts would you recommend?  We do not wish to spend the MOST money, but still something very nice for a honeymoon.  Nice beaches is very important.  I've read that the beaches may not be as nice on the coral coast?

Any recommendations would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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Hi Annie,

Two nights isn't long enough at Matamanoa, the average stay is probably five nights and rather than change hotels once or twice during your short stay I would just put them all there.  There's not enough difference from one hotel to the next in the Mamanucas to warrant the hassle and expense of relocating and you just don't have enough time to get out to Taveuni or Vanua Levu.  Now the flights you arrive and depart Fiji on might make a difference though as some of the flights to/from Australia/New Zealand are not timed to allow a normal transfer from one of the islands, in which case you might need to stay a night or even both the arrival and departure nights at an airport hotel or one of the hotels on Denarau Island.  Can you post your flight into to me and I'll give you an answer on that?

Hi Rick,

thanks so much for you answer.

The reason for 2 nights only is because that's the only slot they had available! The 14 and 15 nights.

We will be arriving in Nadi Thursday Sept 13 at noon. We'll be leaving on the 18 at 10pm. 

Maybe we can do the blue lagoon cruise from the 15 to 18? What do you suggest?

We don't want to back-pack on our honeymoon - luxury is much preferred ;-)

Hey Annie,

Got it.  Two nights is kind of crazy as it takes the better part of a day to get from one place to another by the time you account for packing, unpacking, getting to Port Denarau from wherever you spent the previous night, the boat trip out there, checking in and unpacking; you add all that up and it's mid afternoon before you are laying by the pool with a cool cocktail in hand.  But as they say it is what it is if you are committed to Matamanoa in this case.

So if you arrive the 13th, spend the 14th and 15th at Matamanoa, that leaves you the 16th and 17th.  You can't do a cruise because Blue Lagoon's two night itinerary departs on Saturday's, and you need a Sunday departure if I'm calculating the dates correctly.  My sense is to transfer to another one of the island resorts that afternoon.  South Seas offers ferry service departing Matamanoa at 4:35pm arriving Tokoriki at 4:50pm, and Tokoriki is the nicest of the Mamanucas Islands (  It's beach isn't as nice as Matamanoa's, but it's the superior hotel in all other ways.  Terrific kitchen, gorgeous bures.  You could spend the last two nights there assuming it's available, and then depart late on the 18th to catch the Air Pacific flight home.

For the first night I would stay at one of the hotels on Denarau Island so that you are close to the marina at Port Denarau.  The Radisson Blu is the nicest of them, and after that probably the Sofitel.  The Sheraton and Westin hotels are both nice as well so really any of those is going to be fine but the Radisson has the best pool and the most interesting restaurants, several of which are practically over the sand.

I just wouldn't try to spend those last two nights in another region.  It just would take too much of your limited time and add hundreds per person to the expense for airfare if flights were even available at this point.  Do you want me to get you a price on all this?

Hi Rick,

Your itinerary sounds good -  The Radisson Blu and Tokoriki. They have some room there but I have the feeling we need to move fast :)

A price on this would be great! Do you advice that we use the helicopter for the Denarau > Matanamoa and Tokoriki > Nadi trips? 

Again, thanks so much for these precious advices!

The helicopter is awesome, but very expensive.  Most people go with South Seas scheduled ferry service and that's what I would recommend here as well.  I'll get you a quote this morning.

Bula Rick!

Annie and I wanted to personally thank you for the itinerary. The islands (Matamanoa and Tokoriki) were awesome. The sand is so white and soft, it's like walking over flour and the water is crystal clear with amazing colors. 
We really enjoyed the daily snorkelling trips to the nearby reefs and kayaking. 
The itinerary you set up for us was flawless. From the moment we step off the plane there were always people waiting for us to bring us to the next destination... this is really priceless as getting around Fiji and to the islands is not trivial.
It is a wonderful, wonderful place like a mini paradise. We will definitely go back - now we know who to ask :)

Attached are a couple of pics... can't wait to go back already haha


And more...


Nice shots!  Glad that was helpful to you.  Feel free to post your shots on our photo section.  Would be cool if you would like to blog about your trip too...what you liked and or disliked...vinaka


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