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Bula Rob and the Fijiguide community! Some time back I think you featured details of an online Fijian language course - I have searched back on comments and forum and can't find reference to it.
I'm now retired, have changed my residence from Kerikeri to Wellington, and with a little more time on my hands (when I'm not helping put with grandchildren) thought I would like to make an effort to learn sme Fijian - have learned a few words and phrases in my 25+ years of visiting the country, but would like to know more. Can anyone help with suggestions? Other Pacific languages are offered at Adult Community education classes, but not Fijian. Best regards, vinaka vaka levu!

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Bula Marsha,

Congrats on your retirement.

I'll do some searching. It should be in there.  I don't know of any online classes.  

I need to contact you offline too. I have some questions about traveling in NZ. Got some plans!



Thanks Rob. Hope I will be able to help you too.

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