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My wife and I will be vacationing in Fiji in March 2013. We will be staying near Nadi. We would be grateful if someone would give us any tips or suggestions of places to visit while we are there. We are retired school teachers, so we are on somewhat of a limited budget.

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Rick, you need to be very specific before we can help you.  First off, what is your budget?  How long do you plan to be in Fiji?  Do you need to be near the beach? What are your interests?  We'll need to know and I'll see if I can get our crew to help answer questions. One thing I suggest you do is study the site carefully and you'll have a better idea of what islands might be more appealing.

You might want to check out this series of blogs by Rick Garrett.  He is quite knowledgeable...

Hi Rick, I'm Rick as well.  So sounds like you've already planned part of this trip?  Where are you staying and how long will you be there?  Is Fiji a stopover on your way to somewhere else?  I'm a little concerned about the part about staying "near" Nadi though.  While there are some very nice hotels near Nadi, none of them are very Fijian nor are there much in the way of beaches on the main island.  You need to get out to one of the little islands for that.  Some are fairly close.  Once I know more about that part of your trip I can give you some suggestions as to what to do.

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