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I have done some research, because I was sure a lot of people would be asking when is the best time to travel to Fiji for Surfing?

Being in the tropical South Pacific, Fiji's islands like Namotu and Tavarua can receive surf year around, but the South Swell season from March through November is usually when most people travel there for surf. Both Namotu and Tavarua, the most popular islands in Fiji to stay on for surfers are now seeing South Swells year around.  

If you are looking for the biggest surf, March through November is probably the best time to go!  The wet season which is usually from December through February is a great uncrowded time to go and the conditions can be clean.  During this wet season, most of the surf spots along the south coast see off-shore winds from the North, making for great conditions! 

So to answer the question above:  When is the best season for surf in Fiji?  Basically you can score good waves year around, but keep in mind when the trade winds blow from the South East most spots tend to get blow out.

Leave a comment below if you have scored fun surf in Fiji and what time of year you traveled there :)   

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Clarence, thanks for the comments.  A lot of people will appreciate what you have to say...

No problem Robert, I enjoy sharing what I know on surf travel and Fiji.

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