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Protector of Paradise Fiji Contest

Yasawa Island Resort Fiji

  • Win a trip of a lifetime
  • Explore the Fiji Islands, sail, snorkel, kayak, dive, surf, hike, paddle-board
  • Stay in resorts, on a cruise ship, in villas, in villages
  • Take pictures, blog, vlog, present, be filmed as part of a TV series

The Contest

We’re looking for 7 Finalists to take part in our Protector of Paradise Environmental Tourism Contest starting on 10th November 2018 in Fiji.

We want people who care about the environment to come join us in Fiji to explore, adventure, establish marine projects, promote sustainability, blog, vlog, take pictures, make videos and feature in our TV series.

You will get a once in a lifetime experience to travel around Fiji, try awesome activities, stay in amazing places, meet the friendliest people in the world and make a difference by protecting our beautiful Fiji Islands.

Sponsors For Protector of Paradise

Protector of Paradise Contest by Creative 7 – Website by My Fiji Store

Dave Barnes

Fiji-based half of the team is an App Developer and web designer. Founder of Whats on Pacifica, he also provides Social Media, daily maintenance, updating, SEO, and research

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