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The Search of mythical creatures is a waste of time and money?

             Different communities and cultures across the world have various folklores passed across generations regarding the existence of mythical creatures. The creatures are believed to have played a great role in the respective communities’ histories thus the characters were held in high regard, according to their significance. The folklores tend to arouse a great deal of curiosity. It has led to the development of the field known as cryptozoology, which focuses on trying to determine the authenticity of the existence of such creatures. In many cases, the mythical creatures were said to possess extraordinary characters; some were half-human and half animal while some of them are said to have had a combination of features from various animals (Leeming, David and Jake 3). A few examples include the ‘harpies’ beasts sent by the Greek God, Zeus, to execute punishment, Chinese dragons, fairies, ogres, dinosaurs and lake monsters. At Essays.Solutions we tried to establish whether cryptozoology is of any benefit to man or it is just a waste of time and money.  

              To begin with, searching for these creatures may help in truly establishing whether they actually existed or whether the folklores are merely far-fetched stories. It also enables the society to understand the kind of environment in which its forefathers lived and the significance of the mythical practices. It also provides insight into the significance of the creatures to the community. For instance, it is possible that some of the stories were made up to prevent people from committing evil to avoid being punished by these creatures (Kaku 5). Some of the creatures played a central in a community’s religious and customary practices; therefore, their study can provide crucial information regarding the development of religious practices among different people. Most importantly, conducting a search for creatures such as dinosaurs may provide insights in fields such as scientific evolution (Mitchel 12). 

              Gathering information about the mythical creatures requires a great deal of time and financial resources. The researchers have to travel far and wide, visiting the areas that the creatures are believed to have lived as well as speaking to different people who may have information regarding the creatures. However, it is a worthwhile task since it helps in demystifying myths (Edwards 8). The information acquired during the search can be passed on to current and future generations, leading to better understanding of cultural and historical matters.  

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