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Greatest Fiji Surf Session Ever? New Fiji Surf Film "Thundercloud" elicits provocative commentary on Deregulating the Waves

The above clip is a commentary on an historic swell on Cloudbreak on June 8, 2012 that was caught on film. The movie's producer is seeking crowd funding to make the video possible. I suppose he needs money for editing and post production work. The upshot is that this film would never have even been shot if Fiji's waves hadn't been "deregulated" a few years back.   That's because the open waves attracted a plethora of foreign guests who would never have had the opportunity to surf that epic swell of June 8, 2012. Prior to deregulation, Cloudbreak was exclusive to Tavarua's guests. Nowadays, in this post-deregulation era, anyone can surf it. 

If you are interested in more background on deregulation or "deprivatisation" of the waves, has reported extensively on this issue. 

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