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Today Sam took us to see the spinner dolphins and for what was possibly the best snorkeling and free diving trip we have done to date. The water was glass and visibility was outstanding. We saw corals of every color, bright orange and green sponges, hundreds of varieties of reef fish and two white tipped reef sharks. Mika inquired if they ate humans. I told her they only eat cute Japanese woman.

We didn’t want to get out of the water, but after three hours, it was time to go to Namale. While Mika was packing I had a final chat with Collin and Sam. Collin explained that in addition to having the worlds best corals, Fiji is a safe bet for divers any time of year. While the Caribbean often has multiple hurricanes per year, Fiji usually has only one every few years.

Collin also explained that race relations are much better in Fiji than the Caribbean because, although Indians did once work under indentured contracts, there is no history of slavery.

We are very sad to leave Lomalagi, Collin and her wonderful staff, especially Wais, Moto, Sam, Pipa and Tats.

This is what a boat ride looks like in Natewa Bay. You don't even need to get in the water to see the coral. Amazing!

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