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The most trusted source on Fiji Film Review: Island Girls: "Belles of the South Seas" 1944 Film showcases Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa and other enchanted isles

I can only assume that this film was made to titillate. 

It's meant to be a tour de force of those exotic South Pacific beauties.Think bare breasted South Seas girls.

It may have made a few folks blush back in 1944 but it's very tame by today's standards. It's interesting as an historical document on a number of levels. By today's sensibilities it's about as politically incorrect as to be a caricature. It's flat out racist, sexist and in some instances is just plain misguided. As if that weren't enough, the announcer mispronounces just about everything. 

What were these guys thinking?  This is the  way that popular culture viewed the South Seas. It's pretty well spelled out.

That said, there's a kind of innocence and naivete about this production which was meant for movie theaters.

See what you think...and please comment.

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